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UCCX - Problem with Created language

Clifford McGlamry

I have created a language that is not built in to UCCX using the create language button.  I'm using the ISO 639-1 language codes for all the ones I had to create (that aren't built into UCCX).  There is one language that is not specified in ISO 639-1, but is specified in 639-2.  The language is Karen, and the identifier is kar.


Creating the language is no problem.  Works normally, and UCCX even recognizes that's what it is (if you hit the rename button, it specifies that the current folder is Karen [kar] ).  

However, when I try and use this language in a script, it throws an error as shown here:



If I change the language specifier to one of the other languages that is specified in ISO 639-1, it works correctly.  

I'm scratching my head on this.  The whole reason you can create a language is to support something Cisco does not.  While I could just hijack some other rarely used language, that seems a poor way to handle this.  


Has anyone else ever seen this, and if so, what were your options to address it?

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It may be that the script editor is validation the locales that are loaded on the CCX server. I think you would have problems anyway with a language that doesn't have the locale loaded because the system prompts wouldn't be available for that language.

Well, that sounds reasonable....except (1) the language was created and recognized as Karen using the identifier kar using the "create language" button on the prompts administration page, (2) System prompts do not exist for all languages, and (3) you CAN create another language (say Creole which has an identifier of ht) and it doesn't have this issue.  


The issue seems to be specifically with the non ISO 639-1 language identifier.  In digging farther on this, it actually may be an issue with the underlying JRE.  I have a TAC case open on this, but was hoping someone else had a quick fix.  I have two work arounds....I just don't like them.  

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