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UCCX script to Voicemail

Hey experts, i've been trying to setup voicemail in UCCX but am unable to accomplish this, So i have created UCCX script what i want is if there's no agent available, then customers should ask to choose weather to drop or to go Voicemail but am newbie in scripting so i am unable to understand how can i do that? Like am confused how we will ask agents for recording the message and where we will store it.

i would like to hear anything from you, Thanks in Advance.

VIP Advocate

Not to discourage you, but I would start small. Assuming you have a VM system, how about transferring the call to it? You can use a place call step to transfer the call.



Sean Lynch

There are a few unknowns here to be able to answer your request fully.  Does your environment have Voicemail (Cisco Unity Connection?) available?  You could use a call redirect to transfer the call.  If not, you could prompt the calling contact to record a message and send it as an attachment to the Contact Center/CSQ email distribution, if that can be set-up.  The latter method is bit complex.

This would be the method I would attempt if voice mail is available:


For the above, you would need to do a Get Reporting Statistic for "Logged-in Resources," give an option to leave a voice message (Menu Prompt with output branches).  If voicemail is selected, a Call Redirect step to the Voice Mail Pilot on CUCM for the Redirect Destination, and the Called Address reset to the end user voicemail extension.

I like to use subflows for scripting snippets that can be reused over and over, so that is why I show that as a subflow.  I would set a variable of type boolean as a return variable to the triggering script so the parent script would have a mechanism to terminate gracefully if the call is redirected successfully.

Let me know if this helps.


Hey i tried some different approach but its not working, i have attached my script please see why its not uploading to my CCX, am missing somehting? Or the approach am using that's not worth it

I would not recommend uploading a file to the Documents repository. This will become an administrative nightmare to maintain.
If you are having problems, you would need to explain a bit more where the failure is occurring. We can't see the properties of the items in your script.

Maic Naatz



istead of uploading use the WriteDocument step as shown...


You cannot save files in any folder. Use that specific folder as shown in the pic.

At next, upload the file...


Now, you should find the prompt in the prompt repository.


...again, I would not recommend uploading recorded messages (as voicemail), to the documents repository. It's not that you can't do it; it is quite easily done. However, this will be an administrative nightmare. Especially if you have a high volume of calls and a lot of recorded .wav files--you could end up filling up the hard drive quickly. Think about who will have to retrieve these recordings and how that will be accomplished? No MWI to let you know you have voice messages waiting... etc.
Best wishes...



accordingly to the reqiurements of, this is one of a couple of aproachs. Depending on the number of files and if you like to store them for a longer time. Another approach is an upload of the "documents" to an SQL-server.

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