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UCCX session issue



I am trying to use session to transfer data between the scripts, but not able to make it work correctly.

when I test with one call in the script it works fine.

But if I make two simultaneous calls, the second call override data in the first call.

I use two commands in each script:

in first script:

Get session - new session

Set Session

in second script

Get session session

Get session info

Did I miss something?

thank you

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Deepak Rawat
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You might want to use the Get Call Contact Info step and capture the Calling Number in both the scripts. After that in your Get Session step in the first script use the variable that is storing the value of Calling Number in Mapping ID and New Session still being set to Yes.

In the second script, again use the variable that is storing the value of Calling Number in Mapping ID and New Session being set to No for the Get Session step.



Hi Deepak, Tank you for your reply.

From what I understand from your note you suggest to create a new session for every new call.

and the session name will be the name of the variable that storing the Calling number...

I am not sure if this will passable. the calling numbers is the string variable. and the Session name should be the Session variable.

or I am missing something?

Attached are two screenshots that I want you to do in your Script 1 and 2 respectively and see if it helps.



Hi Deepak,

Thank you for the screenshots. I just tried it and got the same result. if I have two  simultaneous calls one of them getting the data from the second one.

Jonathan Schulenberg
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

If you use the Call Redirect step to get from the first to the second script the Triggering Contact's session ID should not change. You should be able to just get the session variable - not create a new one - in both scripts, store variables into it on the first and retrieve those variables on the second.

Hi Jonathan, Thank you for your reply.

I am able to transfer the data between the scripts, with one call it works fine,

The issue if I have two simultaneous calls, the both calls using the same session and i getting the same data for both calls.

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