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UCCX track single call and agent status?

On a couple different occasions now (months apart) I have had a call to a particular call center not get routed to an agent waiting in a "Ready" state. Instead the call sat in the queue for over a minute until the supervisor forced the agent "Not Ready" and then "Ready" again. Immediately after that was done by the supervisor the call was immediately routed to the agent who was able to take the call. 

I have run about every report in CUIC that I think remotely applies to the agent and call in question and I can see the call the supervisor reported to me but I'm trying to figure out what causes the caller to sit in the queue. Is there any lower-level logging, etc. in UCCX that will provide more details on the call as it sat in the queue?

Other than this one call the agent otherwise appears to be working normally and the reports for the rest of the day look normal. I'm trying to figure out where to look next for my answer.

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Re: UCCX track single call and agent status?

It's a known defect:

UCCX: Calls Stuck in queue even if Agents are in Ready State

Agents are sitting in ready state however call is not allocated to them.

We can see this message in the call processing at one point -

%MIVR-SS_RM-3-ERROR_ALLOCATING_RESOURCE:An error has occurred while allocating this resource: Module Name=RM component,A specific description for a trace=rsrc's state is LOGOFF

UCCX 11.x upto 11.6(1)

Temporary: Ask the agent to toggle their state to make operation back to normal.

For a permanent workaround, Contact Cisco TAC.

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Re: UCCX track single call and agent status?

Still happening in version

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