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uccx trigger/capture outbound calls in script


Hi There,
How run the UCCX script when agent call to customer?
I'm trying to run a script when agent dial a number and customer will pick up the handset.
How configure the UCCX to do that. I use UCCX 10.5 with CAD.


I would appreciate some help!

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Deepak Rawat
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Script will only trigger for an inbound call. There is no way to trigger a script for an outbound call. Why will you need that even to run a script for a manual outbound call, the aim in this case is directly to reach the customer and not get any queue or ivr treatment. Anyways this is not possible to trigger a script for an outbound call. If you want that some customer calls in to your company and the agents are not available to take their calls right now and you want the callers to get a chance to leave their phone number for a callback and then when agents get available they should get a call and they should then dial that customer out. For this, you can refer to sample script BaseLineAdvQueuing.aef available at the below link that serves the purpose of callback in UCCX:




Thank you for your answer.


Why do I want to do that?
I have application in uccx script which perform part of business logic for incoming calls.
When incoming call is estabilish the uccx-script write phone_number and uccx_session_id to the xml-file.
And addition in CAD displays specific HTML content for agent.
I would like to reuse this approach (and script) for outbound call.


I need somthing like 'EVENT_OUTBAND_CALL' in Cisco Unified CCX Administration for Cisco Script Application.
Maybe the Cisco Agent Desktop has mechanism for make outbound call.


I will think how to solve it.

What you're looking for is a dialer. You can have campaigns, you fill it with numbers and it will automatically call these numbers. You can have the IVR talk to the customer or transfer them directly to an agent.



Or if you are really desperate, you could have your agents call into a seperate application where in they can enter a number to dial outbound. You can redirect the call from there and save the information as needed.

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