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Unable to Record Calls of Jabber using AQM .

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I am able to record calls from Hard phones using AQM network Record Feature.

But when i try to do the same for Jabber It is not working .

Any one tried this before ?

DOes AQM Support Jabber Endpoint for Recording.

UCCX do support Jabber as an Agent PHone so i suppose this feature should be there.

I have read that for recording you need Built In bridge. 

Jabber is a soft phone does it has Built IN Bridge ?

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Yes, Jabber Softphones do have a built in bridge.  You will need to enable it.  I don't know if AQM supports it as a recording endpoint or not, but from a technical perspective it shouldn't be a problem.

Ensure you have Built-In-Bridge set to "On" and not "Default", and you have the correct recording profile set on the line appearance.

Your problem is likely this, though:  The recording configuration isn't configured as a global setting for the Directory Number/line, but instead is configured per-appearance.  Adding it to a new device means you have to configure the recording profile on the line appearance for that device/line even after you have configured it properly for the original device.

I have Done Following Configurations in CUCM

   1) Enabled built In Bridge on Jabber

    2) Enabled Recording Profile on Line


    3) Associated the Phone with AQM CTI User in Application User Tab

    4) Set the CSF Jabber as Phone for Network Based Recording 



Still it is not working?


Did i Miss Any Thing ? It works if i try with Hard Phone


Any Suggestions guys ?


Is Jabber supported for Recording via AQM

When you say record with AQM does that mean you are trying to record the agent screen or are you just trying to record the audio?

What protocol are you running on the hard phone, SCCP or SIP?


I am only recording the audio and not the screen recording.

For hard phone it works with both SCCP and SIP Phones.



Did you ever get this working?


-- Got this working with Jabber Windows and AQM.

Needed to open the BIB range on the firewall. 39500 to 41500 UDP


Is it possible that you have a routing issue between the recording server and the workstation subnet or something else (like windows firewall) that might be preventing it from delivering packets?  Do you have built-in-bridge set to "on" on the CSF device configuration and Privacy set to Off or Disabled?



Thanks for the info. Very helpful. Working perfectly when calling from CSF to any device. When calling from CSF to CSF, call recordings does not work...

Not PC firewall or ACL because CSF works with all other devices (internal, extenal, PRI, Cisco Phones)


Do you found a solution for the issue "CSF to CSF, call recordings does not work..."? I have the same issue...

TAC provided me with a solution for Jabber-to-Jabber (CSF-to-CSF) recordings failing. The issue was Jabber calls were using the OPUS codec and the recording software did not support OPUS. To disable OPUS codec for recorded devices do this: 


++ Navigate to Unified CM Administration GUI -> System -> Service Parameters -> Select any server -> Select the Cisco CallManager service -> Scroll to the “Clusterwide Parameters (System – Location and Region)” section -> Change the “Opus Codec Enabled” setting to “Enabled for All Devices Except Recording-Enabled Devices” -> Click Save

IN CUCM 10.5 the option is G.722.1 and G.722.2 Codecs Enabled 

I change it to “Enabled for All Devices Except Recording-Enabled Devices” 

Thanks - this also fixes Call Recording by third party systems (Redbox) - This caused no CSF to CSF recording, CSF to Trunk or physical phone was recording ok

Thnsk for the Post.


Is this Jabber only shows in QM server when device name begin with CSF ?


I have Configure Jabber Using EPH but its not working. but CSF works..


Thank you verymuch

Just set up a Jabber 12 client for a South American Call center. Call recording wasn't working. Found this post and changed the Built in Bridge settings to on!  Works like a champ now!  Thanks so much for the tip!

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