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VRUPIM showing configured

Level 1
Level 1

What is mean by configured, can any one share list of Processes with details.


vrupim.exe : ucce-PG9B vrupim - pim2 - [CVP_2 CONFIGURED] : 26.08:26:33
vrupim.exe : ucce-PG9B vrupim - pim1 - [CVP_1 CONFIGURED] : 26.08:26:33
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it is in the "configured" state because the PIMs are active on side A.


At a given time, PIM can connect to only 1 PG, either side A or side B.


The state will change from "Configured" to Active, 

1. when your side A PG process shuts/restarts.

2. Also assuming your PG is duplexed




Hi Senthil,


Currently Side A it is active, but in side B it should be Idle why it is showing configured.


2. Also assuming your PG is duplexed---- How to check this for my reference.



when it comes to PIM, it is normal to show as "configured". Thats what I see in my system.


As for the duplex, you should be able to see that in the pgsetup for Pg and web setup for rogger.


I have attached the screenshot for PG. Also I believe you can check the very same settings in the registry