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UCCX 11.6 & Oracle 19c

Hello, Is anyone here using UCCX 11.6 with Oracle 19c. Our DB team is upgrading Oracle database from 12c to 19c, I have had no experience in integrating 3rd party database? I wanted to check if anyone has had this experience and maybe share some thou...

UCCE 10.5 - Mystery Skillgroup question

Hi,This skill (CCM1.Cisco_Voice.default.49534) pops up in several reports with inbound and handled calls being pegged. Does not seem to be my system default skill as the peripheral number is not the typical 0 for default, and default skill should not...

Slackerou by Beginner
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CSQ doesn't connect to the agent

Hello, I have a problem with the CSQ.I create the script that the Select Resource routing type was CSQ (Contact Service Queue).Already create CSQ and Skills in UCCX. Create the Teams, Resource, Resource Group, Assign the skills to the agent too.And I...

Sgj by Beginner
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VVB licensing doubt

hi, I have tried to understand the licensing of the VVB. Seem that it is related with the CVP VXML Ports.   Currently, we use a CVP with ISR G2 gateway (we bought FL-VXML licenses per gateway ) and we want to move to CVP + VVB (in ESXi). The license ...


CUIC doesn't show anything filters report

Hello, Have a problem with the CUICWhen I click one of the lists in the report, it doesn't show anything filters to get the reportNeed help for this I give the sample picture here Thanks in advanced

CUIC doesn't show anything fliter.png
Sgj by Beginner
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UCCX HA Failover scenario

I am running UCCX 11.6 and CUCM 11.5 . It is configured in wan HA mode.  Site "A" has two CUCM's main UCCX , th CTI Mgr , RMCM and AXL registered to site "A". Site "B" has two cucm's and secondary UCCX to test we shut down site "A" cucm's and left pr...

miket by Contributor
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Resolved! UCCX 11.6 Call Consult Transfer Fails / Call Redirect Works To SAME Internal Extension In Same Script

Very difficult situation here. My UCCX script has nothing to do with agents or call queues.  Starting from the ground up I have created a CCG, 5 CTI ports, CSS = Yellow, PARTITION = Blue, REDIRECT CSS (any one of the 3 choices, tried them all). Then ...

nanosynth by Beginner
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PSA: Upgrading UCCX from 11.6 to 12.0 - Cisco OEM Quality Management (Calabrio) licenses no longer exist. Replaced with AQM

Hey all your Cisco Call Center users,experts,admins. I just wanted to make admins aware that when you are running Cisco UCCX 11.6 with Cisco Quality Management Call Recording and you have QM licenses seats, they will no longer exist when upgrading to...

Joey Gore by Beginner
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