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Wallboard for IPCC


Hi all,

we installed the Call Manager, Unity abnd IPCC last year and are using IPCC version 4.0(4) and wish to display information to a LCD in our contact centre for customer call queues etc. However by instruction of our installers, we have put the information on the realtime snapshot confiuration through the web brouser to the IPCC server and when trying to access the IPCC server by the SQL client via the ODBC link we get the enclosed message. Can anyone please suggest what we can do to get around this?



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Dennis Fogler
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


It looks like you have an SQL/Win NT authentication issue. On the CLIENT PC (that the wall board uses to access IPCCx) check the ODBC DSN that you set up.

The DSN should be under conrol panels, administrative tool, ODBC Sources. Click on the DSN that references the db_cra database and click 'configure'.

Click the 'next' button and make sure that SQL Server authentication is checked. Click on the 'client configuration' button and make sure that it is set to 'named pipes' not 'TCPIP'.

Type in the user name & password that you set up under wall board configuration page in CRA Application Administration

Click the next button until you get to the end and then click on the test ODBC button. If the user name & password are correct you should get a successful test.


two things

1)by default CRS configures sql to use windows authentication versus mixed mode. According to TAC they only support windows mode. You you need to create an id on your local machine and one on CRS server that match.

2)make sure you use X.X.X.X\CRSSQL as your server url CRSSQL is the instance that CRS creates when it installs itself


Thanks guys, but I am still having issues.

I have created a local admin user called wallboard on the client machine and on the server I have created a user called wallboard with the same password. The server user I have made it both a local admin and a CISCOCRSuser. I put this user on the realtime snapshot confiurator with the same password and get the enclosed message. Help!!!!!!


On the IPCC Express server:

1. Create a user account on the IPCC Express server (e.g. wallboard)

2. Make the user part of the administrators group

3. Log into AppAdmin and select the real-time snapshot config option from the tools menu

4. Set the server name to be the name of the server which will host the wallboard software

5. Set the administrator user ID and password to be the same as the user you created in step 1

On the wallboard server:

6. Create a user account with the same user name and password as the user you created in step 1

7. Log into the wallboard server using the username and password of the user created in step 1 (and step 6)

8. Open the ODBC wizard by opening Control Panel, double-clicking 'Administrative Tools', and double-clicking 'Data Sources ODBC'

9. Select 'System DSN' from the menu and click 'Add'

10. Select SQL Server at the bottom of the list of database options

11. Add a name for the connection (e.g. wallboardConn), a description (e.g. Wallboard Connection), and select the IPCC Express database from the drop-down list (it should be displayed as /CRSSQL). Click 'Next'

12. Ensure that the 'With Windows NT authentication using the network login ID' radio button is checked, and that the 'Connect to SQL Server to obtain default settings for the additional configuration options' box is ticked. The Login ID will be greyed out and should be the same as the user account you have logged in as (e.g. wallboard)

13. Click the 'Client Configuration' button. Ensure the TCP/IP radio button is checked in Network libraries. Un-tick the 'Dynamically determine port' option and enter a port of 4433 (rather than the default 1433). Click 'OK'.

14. Click 'Next' on the 'Create a new Data Source to SQL Server' window

15. In the next window, click the 'Change the default database to' box and select the 'db_cra' option in the drop-down list. Click 'Next'.

16. In the next window click 'Finish'

17. Click the 'Test Data Source' button and check that the connection is successful.

You're good to go! The table in the db_cra database used for real-time wallboard stats is RtCSQsSummary


thanks for you help through CN. I have set this up with success. The test works now lets get down to work.

Thanks again,


I think I am almost there. I am getting "Login failed for user '(null)'" However, I've logged onto my PC using the same account as is on the CRS server, and the login name does show up in the user box, and it is grayed out like you said it should be. I am not logging on to my computer through a domain. It is just local account but that shouldn't matter, should it? I am in the admins group. Any ideas?

It looks like I am sending a user name when I do a packet analysis. I see the computer name and user name send in the same packet. The very next packet responds with the error above. I tried this on my pc and on Callmanager which even in the same workgroup and subnet.

Muhammad Raza

create a new user, using SQL Enterprise Manager in security. you have not need to use administrator.

Yes, I've added the user in SQL Enterprise manager already. It is Windows authentication. I'm thinking it might a SQL bug having to do with connection types, like TCP/IP versus named pipes. The server is expecting one type of connection but getting another, or something like that. If anyone has insight into SQL connections....

Did you ever get this issue resolved? I'm having similar problems on a connection to a wallboard I'm trying to get going. I've looked into this thread and doublechecked everything, but still get this error:

Error Type:

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server (0x80004005)

Login failed for user 'CiscoWbUsr'. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection

I see in SQL Enterprise Mgr that this user has read rights to the database, and this user is the user on the Web Server that the ODBC connection was created under. ODBC tests "OK" Any thoughts?

Just an FYI.. If you are interested our company has designed an inexpensive customizable Wallboard / Dashboard application for IPCC Express. Attached is a quick brochure on the product suite. If you have questions contact me at

Just FYI, there is a free of charge version available on this forum, quite some users did like it so far, it is tested with IPCCX 3.x and 4.x versions.

See this link:




Did you ever get this working? Here is what i had to do:

On your IPCC box you should have a user named CiscoWbUsr, you need to change to password to a known password, then on your wall board box you need to create a user with the same username and password. If your wall board solution is a web based sysstem, you will need to set the Anonymous Authentication value on your web server to CiscoWbUsr and its corresponding password. hope this helps.


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