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WFO QM Recording Cisco Issue

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Hi Team,

We have 8 Agent profiles for outgoing calls (Callout03-Callout10) using the mobility extension and 8 PCs/laptops for CIPC, but only 2 laptops/pc whose conversations were successfully recorded on the recording.

Our issue here is that all 8 agent profiles can run and are recorded when logged using extension mobility to 2 laptops/pc for the CIPC. But when logging in to another laptop/pc using the 8 profile agent, the result is that the recording cannot be recorded.

attached image of the issue.

Has anyone ever experienced an issue like this? Please help.

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I think you'd need to provide a little more information (what version, etc.), but a couple of things:
* Although I think it is great, IPC is end of life/support with Cisco, so you might want to move to another solution.
* Have you checked the IPC settings on the PC where it isn't recorded, as there are some preferences that people have had issues with in the past (like the "Optimize for Low Bandwidth" one).

Hi Bill.king1

The CIPC settings on the computer that can record and those that cannot record are same, We also tried using the IP Phone 7821 as a replacement but the results are the same.

For the recording we use WFO QM Build version.

Is there a special setting on a laptop or PC so that recording can run? because I have tried all the agent profiles using the mobility extension and the results recording can run on my laptop/PC, but on other people's PCs/laptops the results can't be recorded.

It depends on your recording method. Are you doing built in bridge recording for instance vs. another type?
If I had to guess, if you're always able to record at some devices and but never at others, then those devices that don't record are a) not enabled in QM meaning you need to add their MAC/device name, as well as confirm the device name meets the Cisco requirements b) you need to make sure that built in bridge (if you're using that method of recording) is enabled on the line/device, as that is another item often overlooked.

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