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CCX Scripting on Call Hold

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Can someone correct me, if this is a correct way of using "call Hold" and "Call Unhold". 




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Well it would depend on what you’d want to achieve with the hold/unhold. You’ll have to provide a bit of details on what you’re trying to accomplish for anyone who has no direct insight into your system to give you a specific answer. That said, the play prompt step in between the two steps, hold and unhold, would not be of any use as when you hold the call the caller would hear music on hold from CM, not the content of the file referenced by the play prompt step.

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Hi @Roger Kallberg Thanks for your help.

I normally use it like this:



Here you have 30 sec. of music and then a prompt. This is in a loop

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Thanks, Thomas G. J.

Dear, when the agent will get call in desktop, if the call is in queue and it keeps on looping?


Is this the way?

The call will be presented to the agent when it becomes Available. The select resource step has this logic built into it. What you should be aware of is that you should set the prompt step as interruptible, plus any other step that as well has this option, so that the caller does not have to wait on the message to be played when an agent becomes available. When it is set as interruptible the caller would be connected with the agent as soon as it becomes available.

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Since, most of tomcat-trust certificates are expired, will that affect in Music on Hold? 

No that would not have any effect on MOH.

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One additional thing, what is your intention with the play prompt step after the hold/unhold construct? I see it is still named HoldMusic, does it contain the music that you intended to play to the caller when they are put on hold? If so you should reconstruct the entire queue part to not use the hold, delay, unhold sequence as that would as mentioned earlier play MOH from CM.

With your current script the caller would hear MOH, if you’re configured that part correctly on the CTI ports that is, and then when the call goes off hold it would hear the audio from the play prompt step.

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