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Hello all,

I'm investigating the setup and configuration guides for a migration from UCCE to WxCCE.

Currently the best documentation I can find for this is here, however this isn't spec'd for WxCCE. Am I far off to assume the WxCCE functionality is unlocked via a license or intervention with Cisco through the partner network, and that this document is at least of some relevance between the two versions of this solution?

We'd like to investigate internally before engaging our support partners.

Is my assumption correct? If not, where can I find similar documentation to what I linked specifically for WxCCE.


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If I’m understanding your question, WebexCC and WebexCCE are completely unrelated, aside from the fact that they’re both cloud based. They use completely different modules/configuration items/etc.

You mentioned UCCE, which will be very similar in many areas to WebexCCE. It will be completely different compared to WebexCC.

Can you point me to the WxCCE documentation? Is there any?


Adding to @bill.king1:
They are both Contact Center products, but completely separated and designed for different customer sizes / segments / feature requirements.
WxCC is for small to medium sized customers (up to about 3000 agents)
WxCCE is for high medium to large customers (starting from about 2500 agents up to 36000 agents)

But about your assumption: You have to choose between them. Either WxCC or WxCCE, and not "both" by e.g. adding "feature licenses".

You have to compare the sizes and features you need and then choose which product you need to fulfill your requirements.
The best starting point for WxCCE is probably this:

Some of the detailed WebCCE documentation you’re looking for is only available to Cisco/partners. Unfortunately they don’t post it as freely as the core CCE software. Your best bet might be to reach out to your partners first so you can compare.