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Hi,   We observered configlogger.exe, histlogger.exe, router.exe, rtsvr.exe, dbagent.exe got restarted on Rogger A. However we coulldn't find any abnormality on the router logs. Any help on this is much appreciated.   Thanks. Bharath M

Bharath by Beginner
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Hi, I am using CCX Editor 11.6. While debugging an script i am getting error -   Engine hostname list is empty Check the LDAP for enabled Unified CCX Engines.   i have entry in the hosts file as -   I am able to open U...

Hi, I have got a strange issue. All the recordings are saved into the server but they are stored as .EZWAV extension. I am not able to find a way to convert .EZWAV to .WAV or Mp3 format. The version of my AQM is 11.5Does any one have got any idea how...

Hello There!I've wrote a powershell script that test all roles of ucce infrastracture, a kind of robot that loggining in on Finesse, make a call, calls cvp app, etc... the only "problem" is Jabber... having to use Jabber, firstly, forces me to use wi...

ilrobby00 by Beginner
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Hello Everyone, UCCX Version is (ES02-24) I have issue when an agent answers incoming call, cisco finesse state is RESERVED (ideally the state should be TALKING). After call ended the state change to READY.  Answering another new call...

herus by Beginner
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UCCX 12.5.1Due to Ungraceful Shutdowns we need to rebuild both nodes.The only thing I don't see clearly in the documentation is what to do about licenses. System is not on a Smart account.Are the licenses restored from the backup?

dannoofWI by Beginner
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