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Dear All ,We are learning DNA and noticed that while practicing on DNA there is one starange behaviour on DNA that is while we update the IP address of Managed switch IP address i.e using apitester and push on the device...

mudassair by Level 1
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Hello Team , i am using WAN Engine Automation 7.2 and below is the configuration, nimo topo-igp-nimo network-access wan_network_accessnimo topo-igp-nimo igp-config 0seed-router dfw10-wxbb-rr01igp-protocol isis!nimo topo-igp-nimo collect-interfaces tr...

luklu by Cisco Employee
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When setting a variable that I want to use else where in a Jinja template, I find it does not seem to work. For example, the simple script below compares the building name provided in a variable. {% set building = 'YAB' %}Building is {{ building }} {...

CjD2018 by Level 1
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I can't seem to get interface statistics from IOS XR devices... I've tried a few different filters but the only result is null.  A similar method to get NTP status works. Here is the python code:from ncclient import manager import xmltodict import js...

NetDevOp by Level 1
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I try to create a Building via Rest-Call with the next JSON-payload:{    "type": "building",    "site": {       "building": {             "name": "Test_Building",             "address": "123 Main Street",             "parentName": "Global/TestArea", ...

In Cisco Prime LAN Management Solution Version 4.2 I used to create a baseline template to check if my configs were all as it should be. (Configuration > Compliance > Baseline Compliance > Templates)It used to have plenty of things like:1) Access int...

coordabin by Level 1
  • 2 replies
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Hello, I've been following a ZTP tutorial from this link: guys don't have to read it, long story short, when my Cisco IOU image boots up after wiping in EVE-NG, there is no automatic DHCP request for the TFTP ...

Team, I'm trying to use the "Get IP Pool from SDA Virtual Network" REST API however, i'm not having any luck. Based on the docs, it requires the ipPoolName and and virtualNetworkName.!get-ip-pool-from-sda...

Regan.D by Level 1
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