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Vivien Chia
Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for attending our Ask the Experts (ATXs) sessions! Here’s the post-session resources for easy reference. Subscribe (how-to) this post to stay up-to-date with latest resources. 

Online guides
Fundamental (Select)
[NFDC/DCNM] Product Overview & Business Value: DCNM Overview
[Nexus Dashboard] Product Overview and Business Value: Nexus Dashboard 
Product Overview & Business Value: Why Cisco ACI? 
Fundamental (Onboard)

Architecture Transformation Planning: Cisco ACI and Container Networking 
Architecture Transformation Planning: Multi-Pod for Cisco ACI
Architecture Transformation Planning: Multi-Site for Cisco ACI 
[NDFC/DCNNM] Getting started: VXLAN Multi-Site with NDFC
[Nexus Dashboard] Product Overview and Business Value: Nexus Cloud Overview 
Use Case Overview & Planning: Automation & Programmability for Cisco ACI 
Use Case Overview and Planning: Distributed Networking for Cisco ACI
Fundamental (Implement)
Component Integration: Cisco ACI and DHCP 
Component Integration: Cisco Cloud APIC on AWS 
Component Integration: Kubernetes VMM for Cisco ACI
Deployment Best Practices: Automation & Programmability for Cisco ACI 
Deployment Best Practices: Cisco ACI 

[Nexus Dashboard] Deployment Best Practices: Cisco Nexus Dashboard Insights 

Deployment Best Practices: NDFC Upgrade Best Practices
Installation/Implementation Best Practices: Cisco ACI Product information: CiscoLive library:
Installation/Implementation Best Practices: Multi-Site Orchestrator for Cisco ACI 
[NDFC/DCNNM] Installation/Implementation Best Practices: NXOS Upgrade using NDFC 
Migration Strategies and Best Practices: Automated Migration from Nexus to ACI
Migration Strategies & Best Practices: Cisco ACI Layer 2
Migration Strategies & Best Practices: Cisco ACI Layer 3 
Migration Strategies and Best Practices: Multi-Site and Multi-Pod for Cisco ACI
Intermediate (Use) [NFDC/DCNM] Feature Overview: IGP/iBGP in the Data Center 
Remote Leaf for Cisco ACI
Feature Overview: Multi-site Technical Overview with NDFC (DCNM) 
[Nexus Dashboard] Feature Overview: Nexus Cloud (newly added)
Feature Overview: Nexus 9K HW/SW Telemetry Technical Overview
Feature Overview: Security and Segmentation for Cisco ACI using ACI Virtual Edge
[NDFC/DCNNM] Feature Overview: SMU updates for NXOS
Feature Overview: UCS Director with Cisco ACI 
Monitoring Best Practices: ACI with Ansible and Terraform
Monitoring Best Practices: Cisco ACI
Monitoring Best Practices: Distributed Networking 
[Nexus Dashboard] Monitoring Best Practices: Fabric Monitoring with Nexus Cloud   Overview: Demos: FAQ: Blogs:
Troubleshooting Best Practices: Cisco ACI 
Troubleshooting Best Practices: Multi-Site for Cisco ACI
Intermediate (Engage)
[Nexus Dashboard] Advanced Feature Overview: Bug and Best Practice Scan Execution 
Adapting to Changes: DevOps Trends and Cisco ACI
Advanced Feature Overview: Cisco ACI 6.0.1 new software capabilities 
[NFDC/DCNM] Advanced Feature Overview: Multicast Overview 
[NDFC/DCNNM] Advanced Feature Overview: Multi-site with NDFC/NDO Advanced Features 
[NDFC/DCNNM] Advanced Feature Overview: New Features in NDFC 12.x 
Advanced Feature Overview: Security and Policy for Cisco ACI
Advanced Feature Overview: Using Ansible with Cisco ACI  For Ansible 2.0
Advanced Feature Overview: Using Python with Cisco ACI ACI Toolkit resources:
Operations Planning and Best Practices: Cisco ACI Multi-Site
[Nexus Dashboard] Operations Planning and Best Practices: Monitoring Fabric Resource Usage 
Advanced (Adopt)
Adapting to Changes: Cisco ACI Integration with ServiceNow 
Adapting to Changes: Enabling 5G/Telco DC with ACI and SR-MPLS integration
Expanding to New Use Cases: Cisco ACI and SD-Access Policy Integration

[NDFC/DCNNM] Expanding to New Use Cases: Distributed Networking - Multi-Site with NDFC/NDO

Expanding to New Use Cases: Multi-Site Automation for Cisco ACI
[Nexus Dashboard] Expanding to New Use Cases: Pre-Change Analysis 
[NDFC/DCNNM] Expanding to New Use Cases: Software Image Management with NDFC 
Advanced (Optimize)
Performance Tuning Best Practices: Distributed Networking for Cisco AC
[Nexus Dashboard] Performance Tuning Best Practices: Event Management and Analysis 

[NDFC/DCNNM] Performance Tuning Best Practices: VXLAN Fabric Performance Tuning Best Practices 

Upgrade Planning and Best Practices: Automating ACI Upgrade with Ansible 


Upgrade Planning & Best Practices: Cisco ACI

[NFDC/DCNM] Upgrade Planning and Best Practices: Patching DCNM 
Upgrade Planning and Best Practices: Upgrading ACI Sites using Multi-Site Orchestrator
[Nexus Dashboard] Upgrade Planning and Best Practices: Upgrading ND cluster and Apps If your organization is experiencing a security incident, please reach out to Talos Incident Response:
  • AMERS: +1-844-831-7715
  • EMEAR: + 44 808-234-6353
  • APJC: +61 2 8294 2248 



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Thanks for sharing.. Cheers

Really great and useful information


Thanks for sharing this great information.


This is great information we are starting our ACI journey this year.  Keep this coming.


Thanks for sharing


Very educational and helpful! Looking forward for more of this.


thank you very much for this structured and great overview and offering


Excellent information about ACI from beginner to advanced level, thanks for sharing.


Hi Team

If ACI has been integrated into the data center (DC) farm and a DC firewall is present, and all server gateways are currently terminated within the firewall, the question arises as to whether the server gateway should be defined in the firewall or within the ACI framework during the onboarding process.

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi @mahmoodkhd 

We would recommend migrating gateway to ACI for features like Pervasive Gateway. You can plan gateway migration from firewall to ACI, Initially by extending L2out from ACI to traditional network and ACI BD running in L2 mode. Once all (or the majority of) the workloads belonging to the IP subnet are migrated into the Cisco ACI fabric, it is then possible to also migrate the default gateway into the Cisco ACI domain. This migration is done by turning on Cisco ACI routing in the bridge domain and de-configuring the default gateway function on the brownfield network devices.

Please use below default gateway migration consideration document:


Hi @ansuri ,


I value your thoughtful input. Nevertheless, if I were to relocate the Gateway from the Firewall to Cisco ACI, how can I ensure that the Firewall's UTM (Unified Threat Management) features are still in effect?

Furthermore, it's worth noting that in this scenario, the Firewall may become redundant. Additionally, considering that Cisco ACI is not primarily designed for security purposes, how can we guarantee the flawless operation of the Data Center (DC) Firewall?

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi @mahmoodkhd,

You can use ACI PBR functionality, for adding L4-L7 devices to data path for applying FW related functionalities and utilising ACI L3 benefits discussed.  

Please go through ACI functionality of L4-L7 Service insertion





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