Nexus Dashboard

Nexus Dashboard incorporates Nexus Insights, Network Assurance, and Multi-Site Orchestrator, as well as seamless access to network controllers and third-party tools and cloud-based services.
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Do you enjoy testing your mental skills and engaging in a little friendly competition? Have you ever played a game of capture the flag that you didn't like? Are you ready to learn hands-on about Nexus Dashboard?  If you answered yes to any of these ...

NDFC Capture the Flag Lab (1).png
Kelli Glass by Community Manager
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At the moment we are updating our Datacenter Fabric Environment. Coming from DCNM 11.5.1 we've installed Nexus Dashboard 2.1.2d and NDFC 12.0.2f. After installation we've Installed the Backup from the Original DCNM successfull.Nexus Switch Software V...

049dtrapp by Level 1
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Hello experts, I have currently an OSPF process running on a Nexus switch. I have a requirement to bring another OSPF neighborship with the same neighbor but under a VRF.  The question is can I use the existing OSPF process and do something like this...

I have two ACI fabric site and the Cisco Multisite established between the two spine switches to exchange the VXLAN's so my question if i need to extend vlan x by create new tenanet x and application profile x and new vrf x and epg x , can i make it ...

I'm trying to download the NDFC Cisco-ndfc-12.1.2e.nap on Nexus Dashboard I downloaded the NDFC on my laptop and then i'm trying to upload it on ND adopting the option for location as "local". Unfortunately, once i finshed to donwload on ND...