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Failover Service Profile (Sample script)

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Created by: Pramod Borkar on 21-06-2010 11:10:25 PM
The link to the script does the Service Profile failover if there are hardware failures. It basically sucks in the configuration file which describes what faults to look for and checks to see if there are faults in service profile and associated blade. If there are faults (presumably a hardware fault) then the script does the following

Perl Script: Service Profile failover

1. Dis-associates the service profile from the pool
2. Moves the blade to a "quarantine" pool
3. Removes the blade from the current pool
4. Associates the service profile to the pool.

How to run the script:
1. This is a perl script and can be run on any platform after perl libraries are installed
2. Make sure the faults you are looking for is accurate. The faults that in the config file are not finite list
3. Run the script from an admin where it has connectivity to the UCS Manager console

:whatisclaimer: This is just a skeleton script where the tester knows what they are looking for. This by no means should be used directly at customer site unless some extensive testing has been performed and if the customer does not have a problem with the script.

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