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UCCX Screen Pop Integration with iCarol (GET request)

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Level 1

Our customer utilizes iCarol as a business application and they would like to provide a screen pop when incoming queue calls are presented to an agent based on DNIS. UCCX would need to initiate an http "get request" triggered when an agent answers the call and pass parameters required by the customer as defined in the API reference guide. Vendor provided API reference guide delineating the format and parameters for the http request as well some documentation on UCCX that “might” be applicable. It appears that screen pops are supported by Finesse. The customer is currently running UCCX 11.5 with 20 Enhanced licenses as an HA pair.

What is required to implement this integration?

iCarol's API Reference Guide is attached.

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Level 1
Level 1

That's a UCCX Premium edition feature set within scripting.

The GET requests come under the "HTTP Contact Steps" tree within script editor.

It's doumented here:…

A comment in the notes in that section says "The HTTP Contact palette steps are runnable in your Cisco Unified CCX  scripts only if you have purchased the Cisco Unified IP IVR or Cisco Unified CCX Premium license options".

From things I've done in the past that's what will get you going if all you need to do is have the script construct the URL for you.

However, and maybe more what's appropriate is that there are also some other methods using the Finesse screen pop gadget or using a workflow; there's a how to that can be found here: Cisco Finesse: How to Create a Screen-Pop Workflow - Cisco

Good luck

I believe the Finesse Screen-Pop Workflow may work.

I had just noticed in the Solution Design Guide for Cisco Unified Contact Center Express that the Finesse Agent Desktop supports the following which should work.

Application Integration - HTTP. Finesse can be configured using desktop workflows to allow call data to be passed to other desktop applications (for example, CRM applications) for an application window.

Passing data to other applications is performed through HTTP put/get commands that are then associated with specific call events such as call ringing. No programming is required to develop a screen pop. Application integration can also be done upon call release to pop open a wrap-up application on the agent workstation.

Thank you.