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Cloud Gateway: 14.3.0-032Gateway (HW/Virtual): 14.2.2-004Email and Web Manager: 14.2.0-224Reporting Plug-in: Plug-in: Add-in(s): More info

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Hi all, as i couldnt find it via the attachment filter  / File Info. We got the information that a new way to infiltrate someone is to send .one (One Note) attachments. As they are not blocked by Macro i wonder if i can create a new Quarantine for th...

Hi,We have the "Rate Limit for Envelope Senders" alert set up on ESA for outgoing emails and all ESA admins receive them when triggered. I was wondering if there is a way generate an automatic email to the offender at the same time asking him to expl...

Hi,I have more and more often a legitimate domains whichs is compromised.These domains have never been used to send email to my company before.Now attacker sends email from theses domains with a phishing link to me.Cisco security proxy did not detect...

sysresuem by Beginner
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I have a dictionary of email addresses that are blocked on an Incoming Content Filter.  I would like to create a Secure X workflow that can add or remove items from this dictionary.  Are there any API calls that can accomplish this?Cheers

TomML by Beginner
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Hello,  We have some HAT overview with this configuration Sender Group : SUSPECTLIST Mail Flow Policy : THROTTLED THROTTLED configuration have connection behaviour Reject   The question is why email sender that categorized as SUSPECTLIST still accept...

Hello,We have set up the Spam Quarantine notification settings on our SMA per Cicso's user guides. We set it up so that just our team's AD Group should receive the notification (we're using LDAP). However none of us are getting anything. I was thinki...

myerss by Beginner
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Hello, I have several filters to defang the URL from a category or reputation score, but I wonder if it is possible to defang URL in a custom-list? Not sure I can do so with a Mesage filter as well. Any idea? thanks  

REJR77 by Beginner
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Hi,I have implemented Cisco security proxy rewritting for some of links present in incomming messages of my Cisco ESA.Some of these links are declared "safe" but there are clearly phishing email.Exemple of webpage in attachementThe user is directly o...

sysresuem by Beginner
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Hello everybody,we bought new c195 and want to migrate from our c190 cluster. First of all the firmware version has to match. And this is the issue.Existing C190 Cluster has AnsyncOS 14.2.1-015. New C195 factory delivered was AsyncOS 12.5.3-035 and t...

NuemeSE by Beginner
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