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Cloud Gateway: 15.0.1-030Gateway (HW/Virtual): 15.0.1-030Email and Web Manager: 15.0.0-413Reporting Plug-in: Plug-in: Add-in(s): More info

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Getting Started with Cisco Secure Email Threat Defense Join us as our experts walk you through some of the fundamentals, key concepts, and outcomes of the Cisco Secure Email Threat Defense product. We will help you gain the insight needed to create a...

SSL/TLS Compression Algorithm Information Leakage Vulnerability SSL/TLS use of weak RC4 cipher SSL/TLS Server supports TLSv1.0 SSLv3.0/TLSv1.0 Protocol Weak CBC Mode Server Side Vulnerability (BEAST) SSL/TLS Compression Algorithm Information Lea...

John by Level 1
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Hello, We've noticed a significant downward trend in the amount of emails that we are now blocking based on Reputation as well as the total number of Threat messages since early December. I looked at the Global Volume stats on Sender base and it see...

lsmarchig by Level 1
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Hi all,        I have a requirement. Our company has some domian name, like,,, Can I configure in ESA to identity that mailbox. I want to configure whole domain but not single alias. Can ESA ach...

360rundll by Level 1
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Hello I have  2 ESA  ( 1 fully configured, and one new ) and one SMA. 1st ESA is fully configured and sends Logs, reports and policy quarantines to the SMA 2nd ESA is brand new with a basic IP configuration for management Should I create the ESA cl...

hi guys, just want to ask if an ESA push the mail_logs to an external syslog server does the ESA will not produce a log file in its disk? thanks

Hi, I am unable to get any response from IronPort server placed in a Data center. I have checked with our firewall team and they said as below: As suggested this issue should be looked on the host (Iron Port). There are probably multiple interfaces i...

pbabu6001 by Level 1
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