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Can you have 2 ironports clustered together and be configured as listeners on port 25?                  

sobrien by Beginner
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Cluster hardware swap problem

Need some assistance. I have 2 Ironport in a  cluster running. I need to swap hardware one at a time. One device is already disconnected form the cluster. I download the config and uploaded to the new hardware but i always get an error while uploadin...

sobrien by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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Resolved! IronPort C170 as outbound relay

I have an exchange server behind 2 clustered C170s.Inbound mail flow from the Internet is flowing correctly, now I want to move my outbound relay from the old barracuda to the C170s.On the cluster config, I setup a mail flow policy (called relayed), ...

mdafforn by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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Quarantine Sender/Subject field length

We just switched from Postini to Ironport and this came from one of my users. I've looked but couldn't find a configuration for this."Is it possible to adjust the display settings so that more of the sender & subject info appears in the fields. There...

LDAP Routing Query Issue

Hi Guys,We have thousands of alumni that needs be moved to Office365. Our mailboxes was all migrated to Office365. Our alumni doesn't have a mailbox but they have an AD account that has alumni address in mail attribute and forward to ...

Cannot query LDAP on Node2

Hi,We have a clustered IronPort C370. I have created a new LDAP query for the cluster to query my new domain.I can do a successfull query on Iron1 (Cluster Mode) but cannot query the same LDAP on Iron 2 (Cluster mode).What could be the issue? Appreci...

antivirus error

  dears,I received the following email from IronPort,The Critical message is: MID 6897178 antivirus server error Version: 7.1.2-020 Serial Number: 001E4F20EC16-550L6G1 Timestamp: 08 Oct 2012 04:39:56 +0100 What does it mean?

IronPort Client Forwarding Email

I'm not an email guru so excuse my ignorance but here's my question.  A users from company A sends a secure/encrypted email via ironport to user B at company B.  The user can log in to the link read the email all is good.  The question is can User B ...

ryanmac by Beginner
  • 1 replies
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Message Tracking not working

Hi, We have observed strange issue with message tracking service on our Ironport  Aplliance. When we access message tracking  It says"Could not establish connection to Message Tracking service."What could be the issue? in the trackerd logs it say'sMo...

smtp admin by Beginner
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Log Subscription

Hi,Is it possible to have the logs in appliance as well as in Remote FTP server together ? if yes kindly let me know how to configure for the same.Thanks in advance...With Kind Regards,Lingaraj

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