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This Week in Tech: November 30, 2023

Cyber Monday, a term created by Ellen Davis and Scott Silverman of the National Retail Federation's division in the United States, which was developed to promote online shopping as a counterpart to 'Black Friday,' known for its in-store shop...

yawming by Cisco Employee
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Word of the Week: Q

Amazon is developing its own Generative AI for Amazon Web Services (AWS), calling it, of all things, Q. This effort is likely in response to Microsoft's GPT-driven Copilot. AWS is currently the leading Cloud developer market with about 32% market sha...

npetrele by Cisco Employee
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Proxmox 8.1 is now available!

Read all about it at the Proxmox web site. If you're running 8.0, it's an easy upgrade. Edit your Debian source files (ex. /etc/apt/sources.list) and change any occurrence of "bullseye" to "bookworm". Then run "apt update" and then "apt full-upgrade"...

npetrele by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! Ansible WHen statement based an previous Output

Hello,I wanted to create a condition to execute only an ios command when it is part of previous output of "sh run | sec eigrp".It works to remove the eigrp process, but it skippes the removal of route-map, though it is part of output.Please see outpu...

Netmart by Beginner
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unittest - test parse vlan - issue search type

Hello,I was trying to run the following test parser and it seems that there is an issue with the search type under the ConfigParserVLAN.Please see details below. Thanks. python3 -m unittest test_parser_customer_vlan.pyConfigurationParserAccessed Conf...

Netmart by Beginner
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New Features on Code Exchange Platform

We constantly improve the Code Exchange platform; the following features are now available for users:   'Related code repository' widget. A widget that suggests to user related/similar repos. Suggested repository list based on the current CE repo tha...

CE_widget_1.png Cloud_IDE.png CE.png
Oleksii_ by Cisco Employee
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Pyang trhows error for yang 1.1 and anydata

Hi,I need to generate xsd from yang 1.1.The yang 1.1 compiled OK in NSO 6.1.But I got the error with pyang.I use the command:pyang -f xsd -o ./ppp dnnapi.yangpyang throws error:/opt/ncs/current/src/ncs/yang/tailf-ncs-plan.yang:2: error: bad value "1....

sm000x by Beginner
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Morse code

Which online Morse Code decoder tool is recognized for its accuracy and efficiency in converting Morse Code to English text

This Week in Tech: November 16, 2023

OpenAI hosts its first big tech showcase - Maker of ChatGPT unveiled the future it has in mind for its artificial intelligence technology in San Francisco, launching a new line of chatbot products that can be customized to a variety of tasks.The com...

chatgpt-min.png grokai-min.png vegaos-min.png maiacobalt-min.png
davidn# by Cisco Employee
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Trivia Tuesday: Matching

Connect items that are related, similar, or that sound alike, from left to right. Could be 1 to 1 or 1 to many match. (1)                                (a)          (2) Asynchronous                       (b) Cloud Application Security   (3) REST    ...

yawming_0-1699904781360.png yawming_1-1699905193518.png yawming_3-1699905502090.png yawming_2-1699905347404.png
yawming by Cisco Employee
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