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Hi, I want to get job status using Tidal REST API, so we are using JobRun.get API as below:https://servername/api/sname/JobRun.get/111111111where 111111111 is job number. Using this we are getting required information.But problem is job number is dyn...

                   I'm not looking for a Tidal Manual . Does anyone have completed Tidal upgrade from 5.3 to 6.1 then If you have a document thru the upgrade please e-mail to me at  . Really appreciate any help.

Hi everybody, I understand the difference between the type of license, but i not understand how to license. I license workload? For exmple, 20 license for 20 vmware host?or 3 license for 3 database? Can some one help me please? Regards Andrea

Tatone86 by Level 1
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I have a scenario where in a job group has three  jobs A B and C. Job A runs and generates file or files that become dependency for either job B or Job C or both jobs. Or job A may run but not generate file at all. Now for job B and C those jobs need...

Tidal2020 by Level 1
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Hello all, I would appreciate some advice on approaching the issue I am facing below.You see, I have a job group that runs from Workday 1 through Workday 14.Now, I would like to add another Job Group that should only run on Workday 5 through Workday ...