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4 digit dialing in SRST mode when Extensions are 7 digits

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All of my extensions begin with 842 and are 7 digits.  When in normal operating mode I have a translation pattern in CM that allows internal dialing of just the last 4 digits.  When I'm SRST mode I want to allow the same 4 digit dialing between phones.

I have created the following translation rule:

voice translation-rule 101
rule 1 /^\(.*\)/ /842\1/

I've tested this rule and it's working as I expect it too:

test voice translation-rule 101 3422
Matched with rule 1
Original number: 3422 Translated number: 8423422
Original number type: none Translated number type: none
Original number plan: none Translated number plan: none

What I'm not sure is where do I apply this rule?  I've tried on the SRST dial peer I've created but that did not work.

Here is my SRST config.  Can someone tell me where and how to apply this?  so they can dial just the 4 digits from phone to phone when in SRST Mode.


secondary-dialtone 9
max-conferences 4 gain -6
transfer-system full-consult
max-ephones 75

dial-peer voice 8 voip
translation-profile incoming 4DIGIT-to-7DIGIT
translation-profile outgoing SRST-IN
preference 9
destination-pattern 8......
session protocol sipv2
session target ipv4:
voice-class codec 1
dtmf-relay rtp-nte
no vad

voice register global
mode esrst
system message FALLBACK NET DOWN
max-dn 100
max-pool 100
voice register dn 1
number 8421190

voice register pool 1
id network mask
session-transport tcp
voice-class codec 1

voice register pool 2
id mac 0041.D293.EAA6
number 1 dn 1

voice register pool 3
id mac 00DA.5527.79FD
number 1 dn 1

voice register pool 4
id mac 00DA.5527.28A7
number 1 dn 1

voice translation-rule 101
rule 1 /^\(.*\)/ /842\1/

voice translation-profile 4DIGIT-to-7DIGIT
translate called 101

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Sami Ahmad
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Level 1

Add number expansion for internal calls during SRST.

num-exp x... 842x...

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Level 1


You can try applying the translation profile to "call-manager-fallback" in inbound direction. Also you can use the "alias" command for this purpose.