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404 error - Cisco 8861 returns 404 error for CiscoIPPhoneExecute command

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Level 1

I am sending an XML object to 8861 through HTTP post, but the device responds with 404 error.


HTTP Post request:

1. Basic authentication, User name/Password = username displayed on the device/password set on the device (Settings->Device Administration-> Set Password)

2.  HTTP Body:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<ExecuteItem URL="Dial:1234"/>


3. URL: http://<device ip addr>/CGI/Execute


If the failure is because of incorrect credentials, can someone point me to the correct user name, password, how to configure un/pwd on the device?


This phone is connected to broadsoft server and the firmware version is sip88xx.11-1-1MES-9. What are the configuration settings need to be enabled on the device?


I have to close this shortly and running out of time. Can someone help me to identify the solution to this issue? 

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Dennis Mink
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

I am stabbing in the dark here, but did you set a sip digest cred on the phone's DN?

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No luck. Seeing the same issue for both basic & digest auth inspite of setting creds on Broadsoft SIP server portal.

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Level 1

404 Error means that the server was able to communicate with the phone but could not find the requested link.



http://youipaddress/CGI/Screenshot and see if you can successfully authenticate.


Also check if web access is enabled on your device (on CUCM)

My phones are 3rd Party Call Control (3PCC) phones, they are not configured with CUCM instead they are configured with Broadsoft server. 

I ensured Web access is enabled on 3PCC user interface.

I'm not sure how broadsoft server works. But have you successfully authenticated yourself at http://xx.xx.xx.xx/CGI/Screenshot?


And how exactly are you sending the XML packet to the device?

/CGI/Screenshot - did not work  

I am sending XML payload in the body of HTTP POST request through a rest client application (postman)


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