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4300 CUBE Licensing

I'm hoping someone can explain or point me to a clear description of the 4300 ISRG3 CUBE/SIP licensing.


See below. Does that answer

See below. Does that answer your question?

CUBE Licensing Options

CUBE can be licensed according to the following three different licensing options:

   Standard CUBE licensing: Standard licensing is used for CUBE licensing with all modular Cisco ISR and Cisco ASR 1000 Series platforms to deliver the full range of CUBE functions, but without high availability. This license is per-session, and a session is defined as a two-way call through CUBE regardless of the number of media sessions involved in that call (that is, a video call with four media lines or sessions or an audio call with two media lines or sessions).

   Redundant CUBE licensing: Redundant licensing is used for CUBE with all modular Cisco ISR and Cisco ASR 1000 platforms to deliver the full range of CUBE functions, including high availability with call preservation between an active and standby CUBE. This licensing option also allows for license transfer between two geographically distributed CUBE platforms, as in the scenario of a dual-data-center deployment strategy, where CUBE service redundancy without call preservation is satisfactory.

   NANOCUBE licensing: NANOCUBE licensing is used only for Cisco 800 Series ISR and Cisco Service Provider Integrated Access Device (SP-IAD) platforms typically as part of a third-party (not based on Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution [HCS]) cloud-hosted call-control solution. This licensing option also supports other CUBE features, except to the extent that such features require additional hardware platform support, such as digital signal processors (DSPs) for transcoding.



Re: 4300 CUBE Licensing

Hello, you can find CUBE 12.5 license types and detailed descriptions in the video that I prepared : 




Hello everyone, in this video you can see the new CUBE licensing model and CUBE functions explained. Thanks for watching! CUBE 12 Datasheet : My Blog Page : ...
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