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7821 Firmware problem


Hello All,


I have been having some issues updating firmware on my 7821s. I had installed the latest firmware for the 78XX models to my publishers and also all of my subscribers and subsequently restarted all of the TFTP services. However, when the phone boots and registers it is still pulling the firmware that it was shipped with. Here is a snip of the phone info from cucm I have not been able to find any references as to why the Requested Load ID: is showing up as the phone load name.

Firware Problem.JPG

Thank you for any help!

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The requested load id is CC-Cooey. I don't think that would ever be the name of firmware.

Please let me know the version of firmware you are trying to download. Thank you.

pkinane thanks for your help, I think I figured it out though.
I was mistaking the Phone Load Name field for a device or phone description when in reality it is to specify a firmware version that you want the phone to boot to. I guess this is my mistake for not reading up on the details of each device info field or maybe cisco could do a little better job with that field's title possibly "Firmware Load Name"?
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