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7961g shared line mwi doesn't come on


We just upgraded several IP phones from 7941 to 7961g.  Created config in Callmanager from scratch.  We have a shared line (line appearance 2) for a voicemail extension.  In Unity the VM subscriber MWI shows on when there is a message.  The phone and Callmanager show no MWI.  In Callmanager the Visual MWI policy is set to Use Syatem Policy, same as all phones.  Also strange is if there is a vm for the primary phone extension (line appearance 1) then both extensions have MWI. We did have this working on the old phones so I don't know what we have missed on the new phones (probably something simple).   I have tried several things but nothing seems to help.  Nothing has changed in Unity so I am thinking there is something misconfigured in Callmanager.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

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Chris Deren
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The default service parameter for message waiting policy is:"Primary Line - Light and Prompt", change it to "Light and Prompt" to get desired outcome.



So I set the service parameter to Light and Prompt and the vm exenstion in question started working fine-MWI worked great. But....there are two other groups that use shared lines.  They both started having problems-mainly the MWI envelope (not the light) is on all the time-even if there aren't any messages.  Before the change to the service parameters the primary line only would get the light MWI, and the secondary light would get the envelope, no light.  (this is they way everyone wanted it).  So I changed the service parameter back to "Primay Line-Light and Prompt".  Now one shared extension is working as desired but the other one still shows the envelope, even when there is no message.  I have tried several settings in Callmanager and Unity, no matter what I change the envelope is always on for one shared extension.  Thanks for any responses to this dilemma.

You can change the parameter per DN rather than as service parameter. Perhaps that is what you want to do here.

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just to make things clear, are you also using pickup groups and/or hunt groups into this config?

These are not hunt groups or pick up groups.  We have 3 Unity subscribers for voice mail for 3 different groups. The sole purpose for these vm subscriber\extensions is to collect voice mails for the group.   For each group I have added a second dn for the vm subscriber on their phones.   I have gotten 2 of these groups back to working.  The third group always has the envelope on the second dn, even if there are no messages.  Their primary dn MWI seems to work fine.

Everything was working fine until one group got new phones and the MWI didn't work at all on the second dn.  This is the original description in the thread.  Now I am at the point where 2 work fine and one doesn't.

I have tried setting the MWI for the dn in Callmanager and that has no effect.

My next option is probably to delete everything out of Callmanager and add it back.

Thanks for any help.  Sandy

Well, I finally found out some additional information.  Appearantly the second vm group was also having problems, they just never told me.  But they were having the exact opposite problem-their MWI would never come on.  So I set MWI on in Unity for both vm subscribers, and set MWI to prompt only on the dn in Callmanager and everything seems to be working now.

So as far as I know everyone is happy.

Thanks for everyone's responses, I did learn a lot.

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