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Gordon Ross

9951 Call History Missing

According to the manual, on a 9951, you should be able to go to Applications->Call History to see you call log.

Yet on the 9951s (& 9971s) I have, the Call History option is not shown when I press "Applications"

What do I need to do to enable this ?


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Joseph Martini
Cisco Employee

What firmware versions are the 9951 and 9971's running?  Also what CUCM version are you using?

Firmware 9.1 & 9.2

CUCM 8.0.3 & 8.6

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I've been doing some testing to see if I can remove the call history from the phone and haven't been able to yet.  It looks like that menu item is internal to the phone.  The phone doesn't have to send any requests out to the server in order to display the call history option.  Would you be able to upload or attach the phone console log from when you select the settings key and do not see call history please?  Also would you be able to try and run a /CGI/Screenshot of the phone to take a picture of what the display looks like while it's missing the call history item?

I finally worked it out, after looking at the phone logs (Should have done that sooner)

On our cluster, we use external URL providers for services, directories, etc. and the 89xx &99xx phones use different Application URLs for the call history stuff (Because they use a combined system of Call History, rather than the separate Places/Received/Missed calls of the 79xx series)


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Dear Gorden,

could you please give me an advise, where I can find the correct Applications URLs for 99xx and 88xx, or are the just related to your external URL provider?!

Because at the moment I can't give our new 9971-phones the possibility to open the Cisco Call lists, using the given Application URLs, e.g. "Application:Cisco/MissedCalls" to display missed calls on the phone. When I'm pressing the directory button on the phones it doesn't show up even tough I selcted "enterprise subscription". But on our79xx phones the IP Phone Service appears!

What I already recognized was, that If I'm using an external URL for a service, beginning with http:// the ip service is showing up on both IP Phone types.

May be someone could help me to solve that problem.

Kind regards,



The 79xx and 89xx/99xx phones use completely different apps for missed calls, etc.

If you look at the logs of a 89xx/99xx phone, you can see the phone execute the app "Cisco/CallHistory" However, I've never been able to create a phone service to reference this.

However, 79xx series phones use the app "Application:Cisco/MissedCalls".


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Just solved the problem by reading the user manual - RTFM

Call history is now placed under the Applications button, Call History. On our old 79xx phones the service is provided under "Directories" because we are using a 3rd party solution for getting more details about all the calls.

So that's a moot question.


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