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Unlock IP Phone Settings

We have to register some phones (7941), which have come to us form one of our labs set up years ago, to our CUCM 7.1.The issue is that trying to unlock the settings of them phones by doing **hash - its asking for an Authentication password. And we ha...

Topology Questions

Is there a limit to the number of voice gateways that you can have connected to a CUCM?My company is investigating VOIP to replace our existing system.  We have 18 branches with 4 POTS lines each.  These lines connect to an old PBX system at each loc...

Unity Personal Greeting

Dear NetPro gurus,Is there any tools that can help my customer to view at a glance which user has used Personal Greeting, and which are just using System Default greeting??One  of my customers has over 1,000 users and I was wondering whether such  to...

huntlee by Beginner
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tftp server registration

Hello all i use router as a dhcp server and i want to register an ip phone to a remote brunch office.i write "option 150 ip 10.x.x.x" my call manager ip.There is no restriction for reaching call manager.when i look at the cache flow ip phone tries to...

Call Routing for 800 numbers

Hi,We have 800 number where calls come and hit automated answering system. Then call will get transfer to any of the available agent associated to that group. I get request that If all the agents are busy on another call than waiting call needs to sh...

Anand R. by Beginner
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I'm curious if anyone got TBCT (Two B-Channel Transfer) feature working on H.323 IOS gateway. I see the "isdn supp-service tbct" command on the D-Channel Ser0:23 interface, but my research indicates that I must also have a TCL script to make TBCT wor...