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Advice please: ringing alert / notification display on PC

I have been looking out there in interland for some application that can alert me when my phone (Cisco 7911) is ringing and display that fact on my desktop screen. Motivation for this is the desire to have a silent ring-tone and physical limitations of my workspace not allowing me to see the ringing LED.

Motivation aside, I haven't been able to find anything convincing. I am a Software Engineer so I'm going to attempt to write something myself. Up until this point my options were:

0. Find someone else's work. Seems to be none.

1. Sniff phone's IP, detect an incoming ring "somehow". This is very bad and will not fly in our IT infrastructure.

2. Use the phone's web interface somehow. After some testing there doesn't seem to be a place that indicates the phone is ringing.

3. Stroll across this site, learn about the JTAPI.

Before I delve into this I was hoping somebody would have a clue how to go about this and give me some pointers to some interesting parts of the API to meet my goal.

Are there any suggestions from this community?

paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master

That is "cisco TAPI driver for CM popup", a cisco software product. Your system administrator should be able to purchase and/or download it, then deploy on your PC.

If he/she doesn't have an idea, have he/she come on this forum for clarifications and pointers.

Thanks for pointing me to this, seems like there are some open-source efforts too.

Are you a IP telephony administrator? Do you know any? How likely do you think they would be to explode if I brought this up in a enterprise environment?

Most people here are admins or system integrators.

If you get the software you can install it yourself and nothing explodes, the only thing you need is a CM username/password.

I'm a project/support engineer - so I'm used to random requests and using all kinds of random solutions to fill them. I'd be happy enough; your admin can limit scope of your CTI control to your devices so there's not too much trouble you can cause.


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A good source of examples is (depending what language you write in I guess)... some of them are a little out of date and may/may not work with newer CCMs, but I guess CallTracer isn't too far from what you want to do in terms of monitoring activity, you'd just send the output somewhere else...



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Aaron Please remember to rate helpful posts to identify useful responses, and mark 'Answered' if appropriate!
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