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Hi Dennis,Please follow this

Hi Dennis,

Please follow this procedure to change the IP address of your IRP:


IP address change will not affect the licenses.





We have created the following

We have created the following videos for CWMS Installation, deployment and configuration. Please watch them and post your questions below.


CWMS OVA Installation

In this video, we talk about the system requirements for CWMS OVA installation and also the step-by-step procedure to create a CWMS virtual machine.


CWMS System Deployment

In this video, you will see a step-by-step procedure for deploying the CWMS system manually.


CWMS High-Availability

In this video, you will see how to install, deploy and configure a high-availbility system for your CWMS.


CWMS User Management

In this video we will discuss in detail about managing users in CWMS. This includes configuring local accounts and enabling LDAP integration.


CWMS Mail Server and Storage Configuration

In this video, we explain about editing mail server configuration and adding NFS storage.


CWMS Certificate Configuration

In this video, we discuss about installing certificates in CWMS and also discuss about how to bundle the certificates.



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Thank you for adding these

Thank you for adding these videos.


Regarding the installation, I have an USB, as per my understanding, it should contains the OVA. but my PC gives me an error that the USB is not accessible and I should format it.


Any help?

Cisco Employee

Hi, Yes, the USB should have



Yes, the USB should have the OVA file. If you format the USB, the OVA template will get erased. For any  issues related to OVA you have received, I would suggest you to contact the PUT tool support. Once you have the working USB, you can follow the steps provided in to extract the OVA template.


One more,Could you please

One more,

Could you please paste the system requirements for IP address and DNS. It is not clear in the video.


Cisco Employee

Hi, The DNS configuration



The DNS configuration will vary depending upon the size / type of the deployment. Please read more about the type of deployment available in

The DNS configuration for each type is explained at


Just to summarize the DNS configuration, we will need a hostname configured for each VM's in the deployment. Additionally we need to configure the following,


  • Private Virtual IP - This IP needs to be in the same subnet as that of admin VM's subnet. Both webex site URL [End User URL] and the admin URL will be mapped to this IP address.
  • public Virtual IP - This is required only when we have IRP enabled on the system. This IP needs to be in the same subnet as that of IRP VM's subnet. The webex site URL [End User URL] will be mapped to this IP. This resolution should be available in public DNS servers so that external user can resolve and reach the CWMS.



Thank you for sharing the

Thank you for sharing the documents and for the summary about DNS.


Regarding DNS, I'm a little bit confused about split horizon and non-split horizon, Are there some simple questions that I can ask the DNS administrator to know the setup, if it is split or non split.

Cisco Employee

The major difference between

The major difference between split horizon and non-split horizon is how the end user access the System. To explain more,


  • Split Horizon : Internal users access CWMS using the private VIP and the external users access CWMS using the public VIP. Hence, your internal DNS server will map the webex site URL to the private VIP [owned by admin VM's] and the external DNS server will map the webex site URL to the public VIP [owned by IRP VM's].
  • Non-Split Horizon : Both internal and External Users access CWMS via the public VIP. Hence, both your internal and External DNS will map the webex site URL to public VIP. In this type all the traffic to CWMS will pass through IRP VM's in the DMZ.



So, I will ask myself, whether I want both internal and external users to access the CWMS via IRP [non-split] or I want the internal user to access the system internally via admin VM and external user to access the system via the IRP [split].

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