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ATA 188 device mismatch

Level 3
Level 3

Date: Dec 29 22:01:28
Machine Name: 1CLSPUCM01
Severity: Error
App ID: Cisco CallManager
Message: : 597944: Dec 30 03:01:28.700 UTC : %CCM_CALLMANAGER-CALLMANAGER-3-DeviceTypeMismatch: Device type mismatch. Name of device.:ATA230433143301 Device type.:12 Database device type:255 Cluster ID:StandAloneCluster Node ID:1CLSPUCM01

Im constantly receiving these messages from 188 because I can only add them as 186s

Im running 7.1.5

Anyone know of a workaround or fix besides replacing all the 188s with 186, 187 or VG202s?

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Lakshmi Adapala
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


When you added ATA 188 as 186 are you able to register these to callmanager successfully and are you getting these messages for registered devices ?



You asked a very good question!!!

All of the devices listed in the syslogs are the second ports of the ATA 188s that are not listed in Call Manager.   They are not registered.  When I do a search, I only find the first port

So, do I have to add these ports in the configuation or is there a way to disable the ports in the ATA 188?


The second ATA port has to be either configured on CCM or has to be disabled in the ATA's configuration, if not ATA port 2 will attempt to register with callmanager repeatedly and it will reject with the device type mismatch error

In order to resolve this issue, you need to either configure the second port in the Cisco CallManager or disable it on the ATA.

* Disable the second analog Foreign Exchange Station (FXS) port on the ATA - Set the field EPID1 or SID1 to 0 (zero).

* Disable the first analog FXS port on the ATA - Set the corresponding EPID0 or SID0 field to 0.

Use value 0 to disable the port(s) you are not using:

* EPID0 or SID0 for Line 1 or Port 1

* EPID1 or SID1 for Line 2 or Port 2.

Refer to Adding the Cisco ATA to the Cisco CallManager for more information on a range of configuration field settings.

- Uses the default Skinny ID, which is the Cisco ATA MAC address (MAC) for the Phone 1 port and MAC[1-5]+01 for the Phone 2

port. The port attempts to register with Cisco CallManager.

For example, if the MAC address of the Cisco ATA is 00012D01073D, then SID0 is 00012D01073D and SID1 is 012D01073D01. * Other values are reserved.