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ATA190 in recovery firmware mode

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We are installing a brand new ATA190 in our VOIP network based on CUCM10.5 but when I go to the web interface for the ATA I see a Reccovery Firmwarev1.1.0(000) asking for a file to upgrade firmware.  I tried uploading the .COP files we have in the CUCM but it says invalid file format.  Any ideas which file do I have to use?

Screen capture of the web interface attached.

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Aseem Anand
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Did you install the QED file before installing the cop.sgn file? Also note once you install the QED file you need to reboot the cluster.


Yes both the QED and the firmware file are both installed in the CUCM and it was reboot.  Actually we have a second ATA190, and that one just plugged into the ethernet outlet at the wall and power it up and it was recognized by the CUCM immediately.

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Level 1

I had the same problem.

You have to download a binary package in .zip format from CCO, eg:

Then extract the binay file ATA190.1-2-1-004.bin.sgn

But the ATA does not accept SGN file, you have to edit the file with hex editor like Notepad++ and the Hex editor plugin. Then find the offset of the end of the SGN header. It ends with: 00 0d 0d 0d

Delete all first octets including this pattern, you should get a file begining with the ASCII characters ATA190. Then save this file into ATA190.1-2-1-004.bin

You will be able to upload this binary into the ATA in recovery mode !



hi christopher... i am still having trouble with this....which octets should i be deleting?

Hi !

Here is attached the modified load file you can directly put into the ATA box in recovery mode.

Just untar the file, .bin cannot be posted in the forum

Hopefuly it will fix your issue too




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