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BARS failing

Hi all,

When I backup the Publisher to a share on the Subscriber (same LAN). It works. The tar file size is 365MB. When I specify a shared drive on a remote server, it fails. I've checked space/permissions etc. All ok.

Any ideas? Log file is attached in the next message.



Log file attached.

I would suggest backing the file up locally, then scheduling a .bat job to copy the file across to the remote share.

What is the speed of the link to the remote site?

Do the BARS logs in the trace directory have any additional information? This looks like it is just the output from the last run.

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Kane,

Maybe you are hitting this bug;

CSCee43938 Bug Details

Archive file size is less than staging directory


BARS incorrectly reports file size limits when doing backup making it fail


BARS version 4.0(4) and earlier


First of all verify that the location where the archive is being created has

enough space, i.e. more than the staging directory size as indicated in the

BARS log. In that case, this is a valid message indicating that storage

destination location doesn't have enough space to host the archive file.

If there is enough space, and the message is still displayed, it could be

because of the following:

The problem occurs only when a single file has a size more than 2 GB. This

usually is the CDR database.

Purging old CDR records or deselecting CDR database backup during BARS

configuration can avoid this situation.

Update on 05/28/2004:-

The problem arose because the database size has increased more than 2GB and

BARS is unable to create the archive properly when a single file size is more

than 2 GB. Try to delete the records of the database which are not required and

then do a Backup.

Hope this helps!


Thanks guys,

I'm not sure of the size of the CDR database. I don't think its anywhere near 2Gb. I also don't have the username/password for CDR admin. What is the best way to reset the password?

However, I'm getting this error with only the CallManager backup specified. i.e. CDR is unchecked. I am using BARS version 4.0.12000

There is about 16Gb free space on the CCM publisher and 105Gb free on the network share.

Any more ideas guys?

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