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basic question about incoming call

dave dave

hi! In CM7, i can see that there are many places that i can specify paramenters of Called Party Transformations & Calling Party Transformation. Eg, in the Route Pattern, Route List and etc.

From the description of the configuration page (to my understanding), it seems to me that these calling, called party transformations are meant for outgoing call, manipulate number that's going out (the number called, and the calller id of the caller). My question would be, how about incoming call? Is there anyway we can manipulate the number for incoming call especially from external pstn call?

Another simple question is that, when an external number called my desk phone, it will leave a Missed call on my phone, but when i want to return call to this Missed call. I will need to manually edit the number by puttting a 9 in front before i can return the call. How do i configure in such a way that i can just click dial from the Missed call list and it will call directly?


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Chris Deren
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Transformations can be done either direction as it is done matching the partition assigned to them and CSS assigned to outgoing/incoming devices, i.e. GW/trunk.

There are many, many similar threads here that I am sure you can locate your answer by searching for it.  Use Calling Party Transformations for this purpose.


hi! can you give an example of how the incoming/outgoing transformations with the css/partition manipulate the the incoming/outgoing call? for eg. if i've a route pattern of 9.9xxxxxxx, how do i use this to manipulate the number so that incoming calls and outgoing calls can match this route pattern to/from the pstn gateway?


how about internal call? eg if i'm using 5xxx range internally, how does the system know that when i dial eg. 5111 it will not go through the pstn? Is it done automatically with the system searching thru the availably extension with the correct partition/css? Any route pattern required here?

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