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Brazil E164 dial plan

hello all

I'm designing a E164 dial plan for Brazil. our provider is Embratel. I think I have nail down all the outbound dialing, I installed the Brazil Dial plan, however I have questions on the inbound, how do I properly globalize inbound calling numbers, so when when the users have a missed calls, they call it right back with and I want to make sure I have the proper transformations to localize the numbers for the users

International is the easy one, but I need to properly globalize local and ld inbound calling numbers

thank you in advance

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Daniel Isham
Level 4
Level 4

Good luck on this my friend, I'm in the same boat currently and the site I'm doing this for (Sao Paulo) uses Vivo, and they send calling party that makes absolutely no sense. They don't send calling type either (TON), so I am basically at the point of completely leaving what ever the carrier sends for calling party for missed calls.

If the carrier does indeed send number plan info for the call, you can use voice translation rules on the router that match and translate based on subscriber, national, international, and unknown.