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Call Forwarding to a forwarded number


Is there a limit to how many times a call can be forwarded?


For example I have a room of phones that are only used for specific events. When not in use those phones are forwarded to another number. However that number also gets forwarded off.


So example number 1000 gets forwarded to 2000 when not in use. But 2000 gets forwarded to 3000 when no one is around to pick up 2000. 


If I call 1000 in this scenario it just goes to unity with a generic error because it doesn't have a mailbox. If I call 2000 while it is forwarded, it rings through to 3000 just fine.


So is there a limit to the number of times a call can be forwarded?

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Roger Kallberg
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VIP Expert

Yes there is, but it’s per default set to 12 hops. You should be able to see the call routing information for the call when it comes into Unity to see what reason it gives for the forward. That could help you figure out what is happening.

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Where do I find that info?

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