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calling out Phone Busy Signal first time, goes out successfully second


HI all, 


i am having a problem where a user tries to call out and immediately get a busy signal but when trying to redial (hit or miss) the second time it usually makes the call outbound.


I have witnessed it where i get a busy and then a fast busy trying to make an outbound call



i have been told the same for inbound calls. 


any idea on where to look for the problem before  I reach out to the carrier

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
Well, to start of with we can try the following steps:

>> If the issue is with one specific user. If yes, compare it with a working user's configuration and see for any differences.
>> If this has been working before and you are aware of any sort of changes made, then try reverting those changes.
>> Apart from that, how are you connected to the provider? Is it FXO/FXS/PRI/SIP
If in case of analog lines, ensure that when you are trying to call out, if that particular channel or voice port is already occupied on a call.

>> Furthermore you can collect debugs from voice gateway and parallel traces from CUCM (if in picture) and pin point where the issue lies.

On the contrary, If in case you have an active contract, you can open TAC case and have them isolate the issue for you using debugs/traces/logs post which you can reach out to your provider (if isolated to be provider side issue).

Hope this helps!


Hi and thanks for your time and response


It is for all our locations. 

no changes that i am aware of 

we are connected by SIP 

where can i find the logs in CUCM?


adding to this (a whole other problem) is when receiving a call it does not give masked number instead it gives another number

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
Can you paste the output of 'show dial-peer voice summ' ?

As far as CUCM traces go, you can follow:

For debugs:

Try to reproduce the issue and collect the following debugs:

# deb ccsip messages
# deb voice ccapi inout

Do rate if helpful.


Scott Pedersen

I would run debugs at the PSTN connection. If you have the same issue on the inbound as well it sounds like you may have issues with the connection such as all available lines being utilized for example, or issues with your service provider.

where would i find the PSTN
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