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Calling Party Transformation for different incoming calls with prior number (0) set


Hi community.

If you see my other discussions created the last days I was successfull to configure some functions on our CallManager 6.2.1. that we really needed.

But there's a remaining problem and I'd like to ask you again.

Our internal Cisco Phones have 3-digits extensions, starting from 100 to 999. We've had the problem that a prior 0 was not shown for missed calls which I fixed in a Translation Pattern that adds two "00" to any incoming call. For outgoing calls the first one is deleted by the CallManager (PreDot), so calls work just fine.

BUT:  the translation pattern which adds the two 00 only works 100% with 10-digit external numbers. For example: if a mobile with 0170555yyyy calls an internal number, it is translated to 00170555yyyyy (without translation it's only 170555yyyyy) and call-back works great. If instead a mobile with 0170555yyyyyzz calls an internal number, it is translated to 00555yyyyyzz. The reason for that makes sense to me: the translation is set to "00xxxxxxxxxx". So it only works right with external 10-digit numbers.

What do I have to do to make it work with ANY external number? So whoever calls an internal phone - gets just two leading "0" set to the number followed by the rest of the calling id?

Might be simple - but I don't see the answer. :-(

Thanks. Regards.

2 Accepted Solutions

Accepted Solutions

Oh I see whats wrong. You dont need any calling party xform mask. Leave it blank and just add the prefix..

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