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Calling party transformation pattern, restricted only on certain phones

Dennis Mink


trying to get the following to work.

I have a requirement to restrict caller ID display, just on certain phones.

-I am using Local Route Groups.

-All route patterns are set to "calling party ID presentation:allowed"

Ideally I would like to set the Calling Party Transofrmation CCS on each phone to restrict Caller ID presentation. I can get it to work, by just restricting it on the various route patterns, or even create a separate CSS with all RP set to restrict Caller ID outbound and configure this on all the phones that require the Caller ID not to be sent out. However, this defeats the whole purpose of using Local Route groups, as I would still need to double up the amount of RP's)

For this I have created a separate PT (PT_BLOCK_CID) and CSS called CSS_BLOCK_CID. in this partition I have a single calling party transformation pattern that is set to restrict calling party ID presentation  (\.! pattern, as a catch all).  Also I have unticked the "Use device pool calling party transformation CSS" on the device's Gateway).

Lemme know, meanwhile i'll keep digging

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Roger Kallberg
VIP Expert VIP Expert
VIP Expert

The Calling Party Transofrmation CCS on the phone is used in the opposite direction to your description. It's used to affect the calling number displayed during ringing state on the display of the phone. Aka call incoming to the phone, not outgoing from the phone.

To restrict the caller id on outgoing calls you need to do it on either RP or TP level. I wouldn't say that this defeates the use of standard local RG, that could still be used.

The use case for SLRG is to reuse RPs within the same dialing domain, aka were you dial external call with the exact same patterns and also other criteria, as restricted caller id would be.

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