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CER - had an office move and brought over DID's from another area code. 911 calls go to wrong PSAP

We had a site that moved from a San Francisco area code (415) to an Oakland (510) area code. The DID's were ported over to the new office location. In CER, the ELIN's did not change. In Intrado the 415 ELIN's are listed and show the correct county that the calls should route to but when we dial 911 from Oakland, it goes to San Mateo county PSAP which is for the SF location. AT&T can see the correct number we are sending out. Just not sure what to do to make it route to the Alameda PSAP. Is there a config, a translation rule, something I need to do on my end to make it route to the right site?  AT&T said we were sending out unknowns on the numbering plan and we needed to add a config to the gateway: isdn map address 911 plan isdn type national isdn map address 510.* plan isdn type national. That didn't do the trick. I may need to change it to 415 and see what results. 

CALL FLOW: IP phone --> CUCM--> SIP trunk --> Voice Gateway--> T1 PRI --> PSTN

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Hi priscilla.cisneros1,

It sounds like there may be some configuration updates required on the Call Manager; perhaps the Route Pattern to direct the 911 call to the appropriate voice gateway.  Do you have time for a call or Webex to discuss this further?  911 calls are critical so I'm happy to help ensure the calls are routing to the proper voice gateway/PSAP. 


Dalton Woolsey

Adam Pawlowski
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When you say “in Intrado” if you’re referring to PS-ALI, that should be it if the record is correct and not in error. Here, TAR code along with county and town matter, but all of it is part of MSAG. 

So as part of the move process the address was updated with the carrier or e911 provider . All things considered if nothing else has changed it should work. 

Only other thing I can think of at random, if you moved sites and have a new SIP trunk or PRI, the carrier will have to make sure that they allow you to send the various DIDs and not the billing phone number, but you’d hope AT&T would catch that.