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This topic probably discussed multiple times but I was unable to find an answer---

I have a user (shared line) who was claiming that when people called the MAIN number of a site, they are getting message saying 'the number you dialed is not in service....'.!! These users supposed to FWD their phones to Unity voice mail at the end of the day. My guess is they made a mistake (typo) when they were forwarding this shared line to voice mail. How do I prove it to them---

What/Where they forwarded their line?

If answer is hidden in rtmt logs, what logs/folders I should be looking at? What is the key word I am looking for in these logs to find exact digits where this phone line was forwarded to? Thank you

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A troubleshooting test would be to have the user forward their line like it was end of day and then make a few test calls. In RTMT you can use the Real Time Data tool to see the calls and how they are routing. Real Time Data keep the last hour of call logs at your finger tips. With the call trace you'll be able to see how the call was forwarded. In RTMT, select the Voice/Video tab, then find Real Time Data under the Session Trace Log View section. 

thank you....but I have to look logs for last Fri!!!

In that case you would need to look into your CDR files for the call logs. 

are there specific logs I can download that can show me what digits were pressed on a phone at specific time?

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