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Change the time on all IP Phones.


I'm trying to change the time in the all IP phones, it have two hour less.....

The CUCM has set the Date/Time Group properly and the time on the server is configured too, but the phones have two hors less than the good time.

How can I change the time on phones?? The CUCM is 8.5 version and my region is GMT +1:00

Thanks to all...

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Change the time on all IP Phones.

What phone models are you using?

If you browse the IP address of the phone does it show correct the time there?



Change the time on all IP Phones.

What I used on CUCM6

Setup NTP on in the Cisco Call Manager (CUCM), so the CUCM and phones always have the correct time!

The phones are connected / linked to a device pool in de Callmanager
CUCM > System > Date/Time group     [ CMlocal ]
The time/date format on the phone is set in this field
CUCM > System > Device Pool    (one time setup)

Setup the time of the CUCM (+ phones)
CUCM ->  "Navigation"  => Cisco Unified OS Administration
Settings > fill in "Time" + "NTP Servers"

Time        This is the local time CUCM + phone will use
BUT use NTP instead!
NTP Server : fill in one, or better 2 ip addresses of local NTP servers
Try your internal Microsoft domain controllers or internet NTP servers. for example the ntp server of you provider and an extra backup (but it is possile you have to change firewall settings)

Note, what I found in the documentation
CUCM only works with a Stratum > 10 and NTP Version 4


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Change the time on all IP Phones.

Can you post "utils ntp status" from CLI?



Change the time on all IP Phones.

Sorry to all,

I have been on holidays and I haven't seen your answers.........

I don't have the possibility to configure a NTP server, the DNS servers have not active the NTP service, the time is configured manually at the CUCM server.

Thanks to all.

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