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Cisco 2960s Switches QoS with Voip


We have some Cisco switches - WS-C2960S-48LPS-L

We got these specifically for when we upgrade our phone system to Voip.

Now I've had some potential supplier in today re. Voip and they have told us that these switches are no good re. QoS and we need to replace them with some Layer3 switches.

I thought these switches were fine for Cisco based phones?

Are they correct or talking a load of ****  ?

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VIP Alumni


Your are good to go with 2960 type switches.

QOS works fine on them

Not sure what IOS level your switches have but here is a link to 12.2.58

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You are more likely to hear about needing L3 switches if you plan to do paging through the phones, and they will often try to sell you on the lack of full multicast support on the 2960S switches. That said, we use the 2960S with our VoIP deployment without any issues.

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Hi Martin

Your potential supplier is indeed talking a load of ****. Nothing wrong with the 2960S switches when it comes to QoS.

I've come up against similar nonsense before. What I normally do is ask the potential supplier to put why they believe the device has issues in writing so we can get a formal response from the vendor (in this case Cisco). Bizarely enough, the document never materialises and the supplier never contacts you again...


Barry Hesk

Intrinsic Network Solutions.

Thank you for your replies - glad I was not the only one thinking they were telling me rubbish.

Another thing they said is that if we did use these switches then we would have to make sure all data goes on one switch with all voip on another one  so no mix n match on a switch.

Is this also total carp ?

Hi Martin

Complete and utter rubbish....


Barry Hesk

Intrinsic Network Solutions.

Thanks for the reply Barry - as I suspected!

I shall report back to the directors tomorrow with my recommendations !

we would have to make sure all data goes on one switch with all voip on another one  so no mix n match on a switch.

This kind of network setup has never been used since 2005, if I remembered correctly.

Tell the vendor to submit their design documentation for a Cisco network and see what equipment they are using.  Most likely they are using old 2900/3500XL or 2940/2950/2955 and 3550 switches.

What exactly are they proposing to do to your network? I would need to see what their thought process is to truly call them out for BS'ing you, but having just deployed over 1000 IP phones in the last 18 months with ALL 2960S switches, I can't help but think that they just want the higher margins of a 3560X or 3750X.

Did they propose a BOM for you?