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Cisco 7912 Problem


I have a Cisco 7912 phone. When I turn it on both the Menu and the other one (Red and Green) lights come on instantly, but no LCD display comes up. What has happened and can I recover it?

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paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Most likely corrupted flash memory.

You shoild connect the phone to some hist that can tell you if it getting IP address via DHCP, the HDCP reply includes "option 66", so the phone reques a file (gkdefault.cfg) via TFTP. If so, it is possible to prepare this file to reflash the phone. You need to download a latest image and the "BMP utility" from t912 area on CCO.

But please confirm first the phone is getting an IP address an makes TFTP requests. If you are not sure aboyut the current TFTp server, I suggest you connect a PC with TFTPD32 that is a free download.


DHCP Requests are ok... My 7912 Pick a IP but, after this,  i dont have TFTP Requests on Log...

After few seconds... All Again, new DHCP request...

I am using a TFTPD32 on Windows Machine...

I have SIP .cfg, a .zup, Defalt XML on my tftp...

I have tryed DHCP option 66 and 150, and the results are the same... NOTHING happens after DHCP request, only a reboot...

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