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Cisco 7965 - Display On if Incoming Call Being Overridden


Hello, All.


I've come upon an issue with the 7965 Model Phones and the "Display On If Incomign Call" option. By default, CUCM has that option disabled. In order to combat this, I have modified a Common Phone Profile deployed to all phones. This has produced the following result...

When unboxing a phone and plugging it into the network, the 7965 auto-registers and receives an auto-registration number as expected. By clicking "Settings" on the phone and choosing Device Configuration > Power Save Configuration > and pressing 5 for Display On If Incoming Call, I have confirmed the Common Phone Profile has been applied and Display On If Incoming Call is set to "Enabled." (See 7965_autoreg_display_on_cdc.png for screenshot.)

In CUCM, under Product Specific Configuration Layout, the "Display On If Incoming Call" is set to Disabled. I've noted there is NOT a checkbox to Override Common Settings (See 7965_autoreg_config.png).

Based on the above configuration, everything works as expected until ANY configuration change is made to the device in CUCM. Example, if an administrator performs any device-level action and then clicks Save or Apply Config the "Display On If Incoming Call" is overriden to "Disabled." (See 7965_save_disabled.png)

Based on my findings, I believe the lack of an "Override Common Settings" checkbox means CUCM will always use the Device-level setting, even after the default has been overridden.

Would anyone else please mind testing and providing feedback? I cannot imagine I am alone in deploying the 7965 model phones and wanting the screens to be on by default when a call comes in. Hopefully I've missed something along the way.

Thanks as always for your continued support!

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Rising star

Under the "Common Phone Profile Configuration" there is a "Override" checkbox for "Display On If Incoming Call". Do you have it checked?



HTH Regards, Yosh

Hello, Yahsiel.

Yes, I have confirmed the Override option is checked under Common Phone Profile. I believe the override is actually taking affect when the phone is auto-registered, as you would expect. However, the device is then overriding the Common Phone Profile setting after a Save or Apply Config.

I have attached screenshot of the Common Phone Profile for your convenience (see CPP_Profile.png).

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