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Cisco 7965 messages button wont dial voicemail

I just setup 2 new Cisco 7965 phones. Everything on the phone work except for the messages button and corporate directory. When you press the messages button, it doesn't do anything and just says, "Select Service". If a voicemail is left on the extension on the phone, the MWI comes on and shows that I do have a voicemail. I am able to dial the voicemail pilot directly and get my voicemail. The same things goes for the corporate directory. When I select it, it says, "Select Service". The phones are running firmware 9-1-1 SR1S.

Cisco Employee

Hi Darius,

I've seen there is an issue with the messages button saying "no services configured".

There is a bug for this:

CSCsr94431    Services display is inconsistent with Messages and Directories display

I will recommend to look for the latest firmware available and upgrade your phones.



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Regards, Tere. If you find this post helpful, please rate! :)

I have tried to upgrade the phone to 9.2.1SR2 and 9.2.3. When the phone reboots it sees the upgrade but, it says error and starts up normally.

Check out this bug CSCtx59395 - Phone services do not work, select service displayed on the phone

It working for my problem. Thank @Joe

This was EXACTLY the bug I was hitting.  I was doing an upgrade/migration from BE5K to BE6K.  Thanks for pointing out this bug.  Cleared out the NULL, saved, and updated subscriptions...BOOM.  Worked great!

I owe you a thank you Daniel.  Until your post I had never found the underlying cause of this issue.  Pointing out that you migrated from BE5K to BE6K means you used a BAT export and import to migrate your configuration, and that lead me to the cause.  The NULL values for the secure phone service URLs are actually inside the CSV files that BAT creates during your export.  The good news is that BAT has been fixed as of CUCM 10.0(1) (CSCuh51039) so this is no longer an issue going forward.  Thanks again for sharing the details of what you were doing when you ran into this.

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