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Resolved! Not display original dialed number when forward a call to external number

Hello,I am currently have the issue is not display original dialed number when forward a call to external number.Example:          External number: 1111          Main line number: 2222          Internal number: 3333 (set call forwarding to 4444)     ...

TAN VO by Beginner
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Cisco VG224 Voltage Issue

Greetings,We are experiencing an issue with multiple VG224s when attempting to raise the voltage level. Every port / gateway is working properly before applying this command. After issuing the following cmd all ports on the analog block  enter a fast...

tjohnson by Beginner
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VG224 low idle voltage: RMA needed?

Hi, I'm having a funny issue with my VG224:Port0 delivers something like -38VDC, same is true for other pairs (Measuring directly on Pins 1/26 that are on opposite sides of the RJ-21 connector). However, Port 3 (Pins 3/28) delivers only -19VDC, same ...

d.haeni by Enthusiast
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No ISDN L2 response from far end: "ISDN Se2/0:15 Q921: User TX -> SABMEp sapi=0 tei=0"

Hi all,We are trying to get an older Spirent Abacus 5000 call generator to connect to one of our 3845 router gateways.Initially we had tried to use MGCP with the backhaul to CallManager, but we were only able to get the port to be active at Layer1.  ...

andy_vvc2 by Beginner
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PRI Utilization

I have a total of three PRIs connected to my Voice Gateways.  Two of them are listed as MGCP and one is H.323.  As we aren't doing any video that I am aware of, I question the need for this PRI.  Are there any handy commands that show the utilization...

UC for SMB options

Hi,1861E are end of salehttp://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collateral/routers/carrier-routing-system/eos-eol-notice-c51-730177.pdf What are the other options for 5 to 30 users? Is 2900 series is the only option?    

Phones and partitons

DearsI have a below table where an extension is configured.PhoneExtensionPartitionsCSSphysical phone111InternalInternalUser Device Profile111GSMGSMjabber 4 Windows111GSMGSM when a user is not logged in the phone , phone rings on the internal partitio...