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Cisco 8841 IP phone shows call as still active after call ended


We have a user with 2 lines on their Cisco 8841 phone, occasionally after a call has ended on the second line it is still showing the call as active on the line and next to the callers name it says Remote.  This is not a huge problem just curious as to why it is happening.  

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Chris Deren
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Hall of Fame Master

It could be that the call was answered on RDP (single number reach destination) which means that after the call was ended there there is a default 10 second period to retrieve it on your phone, this is used to transition from mobile to desk phone.  Could that be it?

Thanks for the reply but I don't think that is the issue here.  I did find out a little more info.  The call came into Line 2 (a shared line between 3 phones) and was then put on hold and transferred to Line 1 of another user that also has the shared line that the original call came to.  So it looks like the call was still on hold on the shared line after the call was ended on Line 1.  A little confusing but it seems like it might just be a training issue.  I am going to see if I can replicate this later today.

A cold transfer should have dropped the call off the shared line to the Line 1 of the other user. I would find out which device isn't showing "Remote" of the 3 and if that device is the one that initiated the transfer, they may have conferenced the call in the form of a warm transfer and didn't jump off the now conferenced call.

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